Ähnliche Artikel ansehen. You can see some of the undercutting on the braking surfaces. You’re also free to use the tires in whatever conditions you prefer. 0 M. maramouse Member . Im Gelände muss man deshalb beim Thema Luftdruck einen Kompromiss finden, der Pannensicherheit, Komfort … Due to its «Gravity Shield» casing from Enduro competitions. >>> Best mountain bike tyres for 2018. Farbe: Schwarz. 4 Angebote. … 6 Angebote. Michelin Wild Enduro Front & Rear 29 x 2,4" 67 & 54 Euro/1039 & 1166 g: Gut (67 Punkte) Preisvergleich: Schwalbe Big Betty Super Trail Addix Soft 29 x 2,4" 59,90 Euro/1259 g : Sehr gut (79 Euro) Preisvergleich: Specialized Butcher Grid Trail 2Bliss Ready 29 x 2,3" 59,90 Euro/1091 g: Sehr gut (75 Punkte) Preisvergleich: WTB Vigilante TCS Light High Grip 29 x 2,3" 54,50 Euro/898 g: Sehr gut … Note ∅ 1,5. Enduro Bike Reifen, 29 Zoll, Faltreifen. Using E-GUM-X, a new rubber compromising lateral and central rubbers designed to optimise grip, with a tread pattern from the Enduro ranges for a better hold. As for wear, here is a close up picture of the condition of my Wild Enduro Rear, after ~150 miles or so, under a ~200lb (with gear) intermediateish rider. Ist diese Bewertung hilfreich? Marke: Michelin Material: Gummi. I mostly ran the Wild Enduro at about 23-24 psi, although I occasionally dropped this as low as 20 psi when running it with a Rimpact tyre insert as well. Call us on 01980 655555. Michelin Wild Race`R Folding Tyre 29" TLR günstig im Brügelmann Fahrrad Shop 0% Finanzierung ab 99€ 30 Tage Gratis Rücksendung » Radsportkompetenz mit über 85 Jahren Erfahrung! Es handelt sich um: Michelin Wild Enduro Front in der Gum X2 (weiche) Mischung 29x2.4 Michelin… The Wild Enduro is biased more towards softer & wetter trail conditions rather than hard & dry, it will still grip just fine in the latter but the wear rate goes up significantly. Michelin FORCE XC 29" Cross Shield GUM-X3D Folding. This was the "worst" of it though. ab 46,79 € Michelin Force Enduro Rear GUM-X Faltreifen schwarz 29 x 2.35. MICHELIN E-WILD FRONT. The Wild Enduro front tyre also features their Gravity Shield casing which has been specifically designed to perform flawlessly during the demands of Enduro racing. EXTRA GRIP. This should not be a surprise given the knob size & spacing on the tires. Developed for the front wheel with better grip at high speed for experts. Hilfreich Nicht hilfreich Melden . Increased speed: The tread pattern for front wheel mounting with the special design of the studs provides more progressiveness, versatility in off-road applications and maximum grip when braking More grip thanks to Gum-X3D: The new, softer and more flexible rubber compounds of the Gum-X3D generation provide better track guidance and extraordinary versatility … MTB. Wild Enduro Front GumX: 1026g, 1056g Assegai EXO: 1158g DHRII WT EXO: 975g Magic Mary 2.35 SS: 895g, 980g Immediately after mounting on 30mm internal rims and airing up to 30psi, the Wild Enduro measured 2.3" at casing, 2.36" at knobs. … Michelin Wild Enduro Mountain Bike Tyres – Rear £ 48.99 – £ 52.99. Michelin Wild Enduro Front Competition Line 29" MTB Tyre. I fitted the Michelin Wild Enduro to the front of my long term Santa Cruz Hightower test bike back in November and never took it off. You save 30%. 4.7 out of 5 stars 46 ratings. You may also like… View Product. ab 47,99 € Michelin Mud Enduro MAGI-X Faltreifen schwarz 29 x 2.25. I run 18-22psi in the wild enduro rear most of the time, depending on conditions. 4 Produkte im Test Getestet wurde: Wild Race'R Advanced Ersatzmaterial gibt es in jedem Bikeshop, und ein Plattfuß auf Tour ist ruckzuck behoben. ohne Endnote. Michelin Reifen Wild … 59,95 € 41,99 € Michelin Wild Enduro Front Folding Tyre. 59,95 € 41,99 € Michelin WILD AM 29x2.35" Trail Shield GUM-X3D Folding. This is a ripping front tire that delivers excellent performance when the conditions get gnarly. I suspect a beefed up Wild Enduro . Grip and flexibility in the knobs allow the tread to adapt to the ground while maintaining the right contact, for a safe and comfortable ride. MTB. Michelin Wild Enduro Front Tyres Prices: ... 29 x 2.40 WILD ENDURO FRONT GUM-X TS TLR; 29 X 2.40 WILD ENDURO FRONT MAGI-X TS TLR; View the Wild Enduro rear tyres >> Need more advice on Michelin MTB tyres and the Michelin Wild Enduro range? Hallo, fahre auch die Kombi aus Michelin WE Front und Rear und bin auch öfters in Treuchtlingen unterwegs. I've also got a few corner lugs starting to undercut/"fleck" off, that aren't in this photo. show all. You save 32%. Thanks to a tread pattern designed for the front wheel. 7 Angebote. 5 Angebote. It is exactly what I want from a winter tyre. Michelin 29×2.40 Wild Enduro Front Magic X2; Wild AM 2.35, Verkaufe meine wenig gefahrenen Michelin MTB Reifen. 2.10 2.25. show all. All 29" Tyres are delivered free to the UK mainland*, 365 day returns & Price Match. MICHELIN WILD ENDURO FRONT MAGI-X. Michelin Wild Enduro Front Faltreifen Dieser neue Wild Enduro All-Mountain-Reifen von Michelin ist zusammen mit den besten Enduro-Fahrern entwickelt worden. It has a GUM-X3D design that combines grip, traction, and performance. Finde auch, dass der Michelin Wild Enduro Front ein super Reifen ist, aber für matschige Verhältnisse kommt er an seine Grenzen. For drier weather I go up a bit more to 25ish, and then if I’m riding park I’m going up to 30psi or so. Enduro Bike Reifen, 26 Zoll, Faltreifen. EUR 46,25. The Gravity Shield 3x33 (or 3x60 for the front) TPI casing adds pinch protection and increases the sidewall strength. colour: black. EUR 3,95 Versand. So I do run lower pressures than the dhf’s. MICHELIN Wild Enduro Tire - 29 x 2.4 Tubeless Folding Black 60tpi Front Gum-X, Model: MIC-139577 Visit the MICHELIN Store. Sale! Marke: Michelin. Michelin Reifen E-Wild front faltbar 29" 29x2.60 66-622 sw TLR GUM-X Tri. Note ∅ 2,0. Michelin E-Wild Enduro Hinterreifen (Gum-X, TLR, TS) Dieser Hinterreifen wurde entwickelt, um Ihrem E-Bike die Vielseitigkeit und den Schutz zu bieten, die Sie für Enduro-Fahrten benötigen. Enduro Bike Reifen, 27,5 Zoll, Faltreifen. EUR 56,25. 29 x 2,40 / GUM-X3D 29 x 2,40 / MAGI-X. Enduro Bike Reifen, 29 Zoll, Faltreifen. Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X Faltreifen schwarz 27.5 x 2.4. Jul 17, 2019 #4 I have been using, for some months, the michelin wild enduro 27.5x2.40 gum-x, on norco sight vlt and I am very well, both in terms of hold, braking and sturdiness and I am no longer using inserts in the tires, which I used with maxxis dd tires . Material: Gummi. Herstellerangabe: 1160.00 g Durchschnitt aus 1 Messung mit Foto: 1155.00 g Details zum Gewicht des Michelin Reifen Wild Enduro Rear GUM-X 29" hier! Mit der Michelin Wild Enduro Serie stellen die Franzosen drei neue Reifen für den harten Renneinsatz vor: Zwei Reifen mit verschiedenen Gummimischungen für die Front und einen Hinterreifen mit extra-starker Karkasse. MORE GRIP. Out of Stock. Enduro Bike Reifen, 29 Zoll, Faltreifen. Features - Wild Enduro Front. This combo from Michelin might change your mind! Michelin Wild Enduro Front, 2.4in Gum-X / Magi-X tyre review The products mentioned in this article are selected or reviewed independently by our journalists. EUR 5,90 Versand. Increased speed: The tread pattern for front wheel mounting with the special design of the studs provides more progressiveness, versatility in off-road applications and maximum grip when braking More grip thanks to Gum-X3D: The new, softer and more flexible rubber compounds of the Gum-X3D generation provide better track guidance and extraordinary versatility … The Wild Enduro Front is clearly intended for the front wheel and shares the new GUM-X3D compound with the Wild Enduro Rear. Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X Faltreifen schwarz 27.5 x 2.6. TIRE RIDDEN BY EWS 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONS* MORE SPEED. They’re end specific, with different treads and construction per wheel. Farbe: Schwarz. Even Michelin’s Wild Enduro front tire can offer more traction on the rear wheel in muddy conditions than their “intended” rear tire. von Peter W. am 23.12.2019 (geändert am 23.12.2019) Zwischenfazit meines Reifentests mit Michelin Wild Enduro Front & Rear nach 11 Touren im Dezember 2019: Gewichte: Michelin Wild Enduro Front 27.5x2.4 MagiX2: 994g (Herstellerangabe 980g) Michelin Wild Enduro … Keep on rolling: this will take you everywhere. Thanks to the new MAGI-X² rubber compound providing maximum braking … It corners well, has a stiff and tough carcass, and appears that it should have a long, glorious life span. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Habe sie mir jetzt auch nochmal für mein 29" gekauft. Features - Wild Enduro Front. ab 43,99 € Michelin Wild Enduro Rear GUM-X Faltreifen schwarz 26 x 2.4. Als ich das letzte mal in Treuchtlingen gefahren bin war der Eulenhoftrail auch ziemlich nass und mein Reifen hat sich komplett zugelegt. Are Maxxis tires still king? Mar 24, 2018 36 78 Genoa Italy. You save 30%. BETTER PROTECTION. Some of the fastest EWS racers helped develop these Michelin Wild Enduro. colour: black. I came exo casing DHF’s, and the wild enduro rear is a much stiffer casing. The Michelin Wild Enduro 29" Tire has a tread pattern that is optimized for either a front-specific or rear-specific use and provides excellent performance and maximum progressivity. Currently unavailable. A mud tire often performs excellently in summer when the trails are covered in a thick layer of dust. → Den vollständigen Artikel „Michelin Wild Enduro: Neue Enduro-Reifenserie vorgestellt“ im Newsbereich lesen Front GumX3D (29 x 2.4): 1,058g; Front Magi-X (29 x 2.4): 1,073g; Rear GumX3D (29 x 2.4): 1,156g; MSRP: Gum-X3D – 64.99 USD, 77.99 CAD / Magi-X² – 69.99 USD, 83.99 CAD; The Wild Enduro tire tread looks similar to the Wild AM I previously tested, but it's been beefed up in every way. Grip und Widerstandsfähigkeit fürs Vorderrad: der Wild Enduro Front GUM-X 27,5+ Faltreifen von Michelin Der Michelin Wild Enduro Front GUM-X wurde speziell für den Einsatz am Vorderrad entwickelt und entfaltet seine Stärken besonders bei der Kombination mit … OPTIMUM WHEN COMBINING FRONT AND REAR TIRES. Its block design provides more progressivity and terrain versatility. 6 Angebote. The Michelin Wild Enduro Front is a fantastic entry into the tire market that has been dominated by a couple of major manufacturers over the past decade. Enduro Bike Reifen, 27,5 Zoll, Faltreifen. Herstellerangabe: 1030.00 g Durchschnitt aus 3 Messungen mit Foto: 1099.00 g Details zum Gewicht des Michelin Reifen Michelin Wild Enduro Front Gum-X 29" Faltreifen 29x2.4 hier! Bike 10/2019 ab 37,99 € Michelin Wild Enduro Rear GUM-X Faltreifen schwarz 29 x 2.4. Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.6 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches: Brand: MICHELIN: Material : Other: About this item This fits your . The Wild Enduro front tyre features Michelin’s Gum-X rubber compound which provides enhanced control during braking and cornering traction when riding aggressively. A Different Approach to Tires. Michelin Reifen Wild Grip´R2 Advanced 52-622 29x2.00 GumX White Stamp+Schlauch.