The coronavirus pandemic has pulverized Spain’s key tourism industry with arrivals dropping to 19 million in 2020, down from the near 84 million visitors the previous year. Emilio Morenatti / AP. COVID FRANCE. During the short season there had been cases of the coronavirus detected on the island, but it didn't result in a massive spike or serious overload of the healthcare system. As well as the charitable organisations, a recent livestream event called Ibiza Needs Ibiza Beats has so far raised more than €9,000 for the Red Cross; the crew at DC-10, one of the island’s most respected and influential clubs, have donated money, masks and gloves to the island’s hospital and a care home for the elderly. Catch up with all the week's news and updates: Copyright © 1999 - 2021 Ibiza Spotlight S.L. Malgré les déclarations de Donald Trump ou de Xi Jinping, l'OMS se réserve de formuler des prédictions. “They’re going to sound great regardless but the only medium you’re going to hear them through for now is livestreams.”. Norman Cook tells In This Together he thinks parties and raves will be … Important update: The Govern Balear has exercised the right to adjust the hours of the curfew and has brought the beginning of the night-time curfew forward to 10pm. Ibiza Spotlight teams up with Ecoibiza to bring you more choice. “We’ve got those tunes sitting here and it’s like, what are we going to do with them? Aide pour voyager (COVID-19) Compte tenu de la situation exceptionnelle que nous traversons, il est logique d'avoir des doutes. Cala Comte, a popular sunset spot in Ibiza, now empty due to coronavirus. But a huge question mark hangs over them all, with the clubs beginning to cancel their summer seasons due to coronavirus. Except in Spain, where more than 10,000 Germans are expected to … Elles ont été reportées en raison de l'épidémie de Covid-19. Si vous ne réservez pas un tarif flexible, il est possible que vous ne puissiez pas prétendre à un remboursement. Wed 6 May 2020 03.00 EDT. So many other variables mean the chances of the season going ahead are slim. 19h45 : 396 malades sont décédés depuis hier, 12.400 nouveaux cas en 24 heures. Local charity Food for Ibiza supports about 25 families with food donations through the winter, but are extending their operation to continue through the summer. Planifiez votre voyage en toute tranquillité. Jean-Francis Treffel, préfet de … Vous pouvez modifier gratuitement la date de vos vols ou obtenir le remboursement sous la forme d'un bon pour des raisons liées à la COVID-19. Ajouter à mon calendrier As the situation here in Ibiza and Formentera continues to evolve, there has been a slight relaxation in the rules concerning social mobility. Pour les réservations effectuées à partir du 6 avril 2020, nous vous conseillons de prendre en compte les risques liés au coronavirus (COVID-19) ainsi que les mesures mises en place par les différents gouvernements. MAJORCA and Ibiza have smashed their previous record for new daily coronavirus cases as 908 new infections were accounted in the last 24 hours. The Black Swan and Fashion Covid-19 could spur the biggest economic The coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to many things, including the northern hemisphere's annual summer holiday season. The summer season 2020 drew to a fairly premature close at the beginning of October and the islands have now reverted to their tranquil winter mode. Best wishes from the Ibiza Spotlight Team, Great Christmas and New Year feasts on Ibiza 2020, Christmas 2020, socially-distanced festive fun, Ibiza Coronavirus Update 9 (9) 19-11-2020, Family and social gatherings have been reduced to, Smoking in the street comes with a potential. Sur la mer Méditerranée, le jeune couple a profité du soleil à bord d’un bateau à Ibiza ce samedi 25 juillet 2020. Livestreamed DJ sets have provided some solace for DJs and fans, but they can’t substitute being on a dancefloor. The crowd at Ibiza club night Glitterbox, pre-lockdown. Nevertheless, since the reopening, another six people have sadly died from coronavirus here on the islands, bringing the total to 18 since the pandemic began. Ibiza. Une stricte limitation des déplacements s’impose pour ralentir la progression de l’épidémie dans le monde, du fait de la circulation très active du virus de COVID-19 et de ses variants (les chiffres de la pandémie peuvent être consultés sur le site du Centre européen de prévention et de contrôle des maladies). The annual dance music industry conference IMS Ibiza has been postponed due to the coronavirus. 12.459 nouveaux cas de coronavirus ont été détectés en France en … But during the winter a lot of the self-employed (autonomo, as they’re known) business owners put their companies on pause so they don’t have to pay social security fees while they’re not in operation. Privilege have yet to comment. À l'aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac, la baisse du trafic passagers est de 75% en juillet 2020 par rapport au même mois l'an dernier, selon le chiffre communiqué par la plateforme. “It’s scary because rents are extortionate,” she says. An online version will replace the annual dance music industry conference in 2020. Caritas, one of the main charities on the island, has reported queues for food packages. READ FULL STORY Le nouvel hôtel Tribute Portfolio situé à Santa Eulalia à Ibiza, disposera de 58 chambres, et rejoindra ainsi le W Ibiza ouvert en juillet 2020, dans la même ville. A VIP concierge, who asked not to be named, highlighted the fragility of the “summer on, winter off” lifestyle. Ibiza Coronavirus Update (11) 18-12-2020 New rules for the Festive Season. The government scheme won’t even cover rent for some people.”, Phil Mandelbaum, owner of Octan, a medium-sized club that once belonged to UK franchise Sankeys, is sure the clubs will survive, explaining that most of them own their premises so won’t have to worry about paying the rent even if they’re empty all summer. 5 01 juillet 2020. par Alyssa R Ibiza Vacance à Ibiza. Réservez un vol pas cher vers plus de 100 destinations en Europe avec Transavia. Mallorca and Ibiza are experiencing a second wave of coronavirus, according to health chiefs for the Balearic Islands. Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong has been visiting the island since the late 1980s and hasn’t missed a season since 1991. Ce mardi 28 juillet, l'Espagne a enregistré trois fois plus de cas de coronavirus que la France. 2020, we have taken a stance on what our “new normal” will look like in the aftermath of this black swan event, analysing surveys, data and expert interviews to provide insight for fashion profession-als as they embark on the 12- to 18- month period after the dust settles. In an attempt to combat the second wave of the virus a nationwide night-time curfew, has been introduced for the next 15 days, but which could potentially last until 9 May 2021. (UPDATED February 18, 2021) Country-Specific Information: *** Effective January 26, all airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. L’Espagne a franchi la barre des 500 000 contaminations dues au coronavirus, lundi 7 septembre. “It can be a tough island to live on, especially in the winter time.” Her business is taking a big hit ahead of what she had hoped would be a successful season and she will now compete with many others for a handful of jobs. Nous recensons … Palladium … Each autonomous region has the power to decide if the curfew can be reduced or extended by up to one hour a day. NHS workers are being offered FREE holidays in Ibiza to thank them for their hard work battling coronavirus. Barcelone, le 28 août 2020. Le gouvernement appelle à la "vigilance" De son côté, le gouvernement alerte sur un risque de résurgence de l'épidémie. Ibiza clubs Hï and Ushuaïa have officially cancelled all scheduled parties for May 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 6 Nov 2020, 9:11 Updated : 6 Nov 2020, 9:32 MAJORCA and Ibiza are to require negative coronavirus tests for all arrivals next year - but may also offer the tests for free at … Do we push them back to next summer?” he says. Ibiza coronavirus 01 juillet 2020; Vacance à Ibiza 01 juillet 2020; Arnaque location 03 juin 2020; Recherche connaissance sur ibiza septembre 2020 03 avril 2020; Ibiza entre filles en octobre 04 mars 2020; Hotel 04 février 2020; vacances à ibiza en couple 20 janvier 2020; Température 15 janvier 2020; Voir toutes les conversations : Ibiza . New COVID-19 Rules Mean That the Party Is Over for Ibiza Super-Clubs This Season ... the announcement is the effective nail in the coffin of the 2020 season for Ibiza … Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations. Contact us. Le point de … Suite à la pandémie de coronavirus et le confinement décrété au mois de mars, la Foire de Paris 2020 a été reportée au mois de juillet. Partagez vos infos sur Ibiza avec les voyageurs Tripadvisor. Ctra. The chances that Ibiza’s music season will open in May are dropping fast as Spanish officials wrestle with when to reopen a country in coronavirus lockdown. On est désormais très en-dessous des pics de la première partie du mois de novembre L’épidémie de Covid-19 a tué 198 personnes à l’hôpital en 24 heures, contre 213 samedi, soit une International borders remain open and a ‘no quarantine' corridor has been established to the Canary Islands. During the short season there had been cases of the coronavirus detected on the island, but it didn't result in a massive spike or serious overload of the healthcare system. La deuxième destination touristique du monde redoute la désertion des touristes étrangers cet été pour cause de Covid-19. Le représentant de l’État avait notamment fait face au rebond épidémique du coronavirus, en juillet 2020, en Mayenne. DE; Another week, another coronavirus update! But with many islanders set to endure the most difficult summer of their lives, it will now need the businesses and artists that have leveraged the fabled magic of Ibiza to lend them their support. De nombreuses petites … “Our mission is to bring Ibiza back,” says Nicola “Nick Love” Benedetti, worldwide manager and director of DC-10 and Circoloco. According to data from the Spanish Health Ministry, 27,563 have now died from Covid-19 in the country, an increase of 104 in the past 24 hours. All rights reserved. Santé; Coronavirus : il est « beaucoup trop tôt » pour prédire la fin de l'épidémie. How many airlines will fly to the island, and will anyone want to board a plane? José Woldring is head of MediaNanny, a Dutch PR firm that counts megastars David Guetta and Martin Garrix as well as Ibiza club Ushuaïa among its clients. : toutes les informations pour préparer votre voyage Baléares. Close to 75% of the island’s 147,000-plus population get their income from tourism, directly and indirectly – besides the fabled nightclub scene, there’s the hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, bars, shops, taxis, and other businesses that exist because of the pull of the clubs. Supermarkets have set up makeshift food banks placing empty trolleys around their stores for people to donate items. Dans la déclaration, le passager devra aussi certifier, comme la réglementation l’exige déjà, ne pas présenter de symptôme d’infection au Covid-19, ne pas être un cas confirmé de Covid-19, et ne pas avoir connaissance d’avoir été en contact avec un cas confirmé dans les quatorze jours précédant le voyage. It doesn’t look good: Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has announced plans for a cautious de-escalation to a “nueva normalidad”, or new normal, planning to gradually reopen businesses over an eight-week period starting this week. Ibiza Coronavirus Update (1) 22-04-2020 Tim Dackombe on 22 Apr, 2020 Updated 21st of June, 2020. Coronavirus en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur : point de situation au 7 juillet 2020 Communiqué de presse. Coronavirus Covid-19. The Spanish Government has committed to buying the first batch of 3.1m vaccine doses from AstraZeneca, when the treatment successfully passes its stage 3 trials. Hôtels et hébergements à Ibiza. The clubs took to Instagram to post a shared statement, which sees them stand together to … Any income, though, is likely to pale in comparison with what can be earned on the road. “I think that’s where everybody’s at,” he adds. Coronavirus : ils refusent de porter leurs masques dans l'avion, une bagarre éclate VIDÉO - Les deux hommes Britanniques auraient consommé de … How will the clubs manage social distancing regulations? Photograph: Sergio G Canizares/EPA. Vols directs, dernière minute, vols secs Last modified on Wed 19 Aug 2020 08.37 EDT. Cala Comte, a popular sunset spot in Ibiza, now empty due to coronavirus. “The majority of the bums on seats in Ibiza are Brits, Germans, Dutch, from the working classes, who won’t have the money and will be naturally very sceptical of travelling abroad this summer,” says Ed Karney, director of Grade Management, whose operations have almost entirely halted as the artists they manage have been grounded. “These people can’t come now. These new measures come in to force two weeks after the President of the Balearic Island Government was embarrassingly caught flouting her own government's previous rules by drinking after hours at a bar in Mallorca. C’est un triste record. Tel: (+34) 971 34 66 71. Depuis plusieurs semaines, les indicateurs épidémiologiques de circulation du virus sont en baisse ou se maintiennent à des niveaux bas en Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Alors que le nombre de contaminations au Covid-19 est en hausse ce vendredi 12 février par rapport à la semaine dernière, Emmanuel Macron s'est fixé … All prices published on the site include VAT. The Spanish government have offered support to those in need, giving out low interest loans of up to €900 (£790) to cover rent – with six to 10 years to pay them back – plus a ban on evictions for six months. RECAP Revivez avec nous les dernières actualités de l’épidémie de Covid-19 … Accueil; Santé; Coronavirus : 366 décès et 3.411 nouveaux cas en 24 heures en France. Even if they did, will they have the money? “Ushuaïa is doing a lot of research and considering the worst-case scenario. Vacances d'été et coronavirus : en Espagne, sur la plage abandonnée. The national government has made it clear there is no intention of returning to a full lockdown and all the economic hardship that it would cause. According to the Balearics Tourism minister Iago Negueruela, the local government is expecting the islands to remain closed in May, June and July due to the coronavirus … As livestreaming continues to evolve, a more structured economic model will emerge – companies like Side Door, StageIt and Looped are helping artists monetise streams with ticketed access. The number is quadruple any of the increases reported… Close to 75% of the island’s 147,000-plus population get their income from tourism, directly and indirectly – besides the fabled nightclub scene, there’s the hotels, Airbnbs, restaurants, bars, shops, taxis, and other businesses that exist because of the pull of the clubs. Besides the local businesses, many individuals who work on the island are freelance, using the money they make in the summer to live until the next season. We live in hope that something similar could come into force here in the Balearics. “But it will stand up again, even after the pandemic, to prove that it was, is and always will be the magic island.”. In a statement released today (21st April,) the clubs, which are both run by The Night League, confirmed that the first month of their party season would not go ahead as planned. Voyagez sans imprévus. Some hope that some semblance of a season may be possible. Informez-vous sur les restrictions d'entrée dans chaque pays. So please check in advance if you plan to travel to other parts of Spain after leaving the Balearics. That’s a big part of Ibiza, the small bars and the shops. Il y a les mots, et puis il y a les faits. In London you can stretch out your income annually and survive, but without those five months how are people going to pay up to €1,400 a month for a room? Year after year of heavy tourism has certainly put a lot of strain on the ecosystem, particularly its coastline, which saw a 60.8% increase in urbanisation between 1990 and 2012, according to a study by the Ibiza Preservation Fund. biza welcomes more than three million visitors during the summer months, pumping billions into its economy. “Good music will always be good music but there’s something about hearing a record and going, that was the tune me and my mates were listening to in Ibiza last summer,” Neville says. Ibiza’s bloated VIP culture has come under scrutiny for years now, and local talent has been largely overlooked in favour of the big name international DJs. “I work behind the scenes at Pacha and I think pretty much everybody’s accepted now that there won’t be a season, not as we know it anyway,” he says. “The concierge guys are bricking it. Forums de voyages sur Ibiza. I’m expecting many of them to disappear.”, But people are coming together to support one another. Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza were the first venues to announce they will not be opening in 2020. It … See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google News L'Allemagne va placer toute l’Espagne, à l’exception des îles Canaries, sur sa liste des pays à risque, après une flambée de cas de Covid-19, a annoncé vendredi le ministère de la Santé. A campaign called Move Your Spring launched a few weeks ago to encourage holidaymakers to shift bookings to later in the year, with an extension of the season to November touted as a solution. Les soldes d'été 2020 devaient à l'origine se dérouler du 24 juin au 21 juillet 2020. One of my friends has this group from Kazakhstan. 7 Aug 2020, 10:02; Updated: 7 Aug 2020 ... "For each person with COVID-19 detected in the Balearic Islands, an average of 1.26 is spread. Coronavirus: Ibiza boss reacts to UK quarantine regulations Close The tourism industry in Spain has been hit hard by the new 14-day quarantine requirement for people coming from the country. du 15 juillet 2020. relatif à la conduite d’essais cliniques avec des médicaments à usage humain contenant des organismes génétiquement modifiés ou consistant en de tels organismes et destinés à traiter ou prévenir la maladie à coronavirus (COVID-19), ainsi qu’à la fourniture de ces médicaments “The biggest issue is all the little businesses that live around the nightclubs,” he says. Alternatively, travelers to the United States may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID … Autoriser; Autoriser; Autoriser; Autoriser; Visuel . The coronavirus crisis has flung Europe’s tourism sector into chaos, with borders closed and airlines grounded. À partir du 1 er juillet 2020, les prix de certaines cigarettes vont augmenter. C'est ce qu'indique un arrêté publié au Journal officiel du 12 juin 2020. Pete Tong and others explain what happens next, • Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations, Last modified on Wed 19 Aug 2020 13.37 BST. Most of these [concierges] make their money in the summer, go off travelling in the winter, spend all their money and come back the next summer to make it all again. Added to the advances in rapid testing which are in the pipeline, we will hopefully be in a position to see travel to the islands reinstated in the new year. Ibiza Coronavirus Update (10) 27-11-2020 Looking up. Clubs on the White Isle are starting to cancel their events, a disaster for workers who survive on summer income. A slot at a big Ibiza club can launch a DJ’s career ... DC-10. All staff can enjoy a seven-night … This webpage belongs to Ibiza Spotlight S.L., CIF: B57221541, Apartado de correos 1027. “Not just DC-10, not one restaurant or one other club, the priority needs to be all of us working together to save the island.”, A slot at DC-10 or other big clubs can launch a DJ’s career, and hits get made in Ibiza, propelling producers into the limelight and allowing them to tour for years afterwards. DE; As we enter the Christmas season there is a bit of good news for residents of Ibiza and Formentera. But if that is frustrating … Half board and all … “There’s a side to Ibiza that people don’t see, where people are already struggling,” says Rakhee, a 38-year-old private chef who’s been living and working in Ibiza for six years. A local paper says the government hasn't ruled out keeping the ban throughout 2021, or until there is a "coronavirus vaccine or treatment". Face à l'aggravation de la propagation de l'épidémie de Covid-19, l'état d'urgence sanitaire en place depuis le 17 octobre 2020 est prolongé jusqu'au 1 er juin 2021 inclus. Flexibilisation des vols en raison de l'évolution du coronavirus; Avertissement sans gravit é Actualité des vols Actualité des vols. Coronavirus: Fatboy Slim on swapping Ibiza for isolation amid lockdown. This should be enough to start vaccinating frontline workers and some of the most vulnerable after Christmas. Nous vous aidons à connaître … The summer season 2020 drew to a fairly premature close at the beginning of October and the islands have now reverted to their tranquil winter mode. TUI Platinum is offering seven nights on bed and breakfast at the 4T Ibiza Twiins in Playa d’en Bossa, from £770 per person based on two adults sharing. RÈGLEMENT (UE) 2020/1043 DU PARLEMENT EUROPÉEN ET DU CONSEIL. Cristóbal, a small outfit that has been supporting vulnerable members of the island’s community for the last five years, has also reported an increase in demand for its services. Gérez la réservation de vos billets d'avion et enregistrez-vous en ligne sur Mon Transavia. On Ibiza and Formentera, the numbers of active cases and hospitalisations have been dropping steadily since a peak in September. “You have to suck it up for five months here and make it work. “Ibiza has seen a lot of crises in its history, many people gave up on it years ago, thinking it was finished,” says DC-10’s Benedetti. Ibiza, la plus grande des Pityuses (îles des Pins, nom que les Grecs donnèrent à Ibiza et Formentera) a beaucoup d’atouts. Coronavirus cases are growing across the whole of Spain and, for anyone thinking of visiting the islands over the coming months, there are some important new regulations to bear in mind. Ibiza Spotlight is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Ibiza under "folio 44 del tomo 149 del archivo, libro 149, hoja número IB-3798, inscripción 1ª". Tong explains that clubs with smaller capacities could open up with only local DJs playing. She worked with Guetta on a livestream from downtown Miami that attracted more than 12m viewers and raised $700,000 (£565,000) for numerous charities. Avis important. Luke Neville, owner of PR firm Listen Up, works with record labels to build up the summer’s big anthems months ahead of the season. Toute l’actualité de Toulouse et sa région en direct, photos et vidéos avec La Dépêche du Midi. L'Hôtel Riomar, Ibiza offrira deux restaurants - l'un avec une cuisine française et l'autre avec … INFOGRAPHIE - Tests PCR, quarantaines, couvre-feux... Malgré le coronavirus, les voyages sont autorisés sous certaines conditions. Tim Dackombe on 27 Nov, 2020. Ibiza welcomes more than three million visitors during the summer months, pumping billions into its economy. She says these performers will be the first thing to go as venues cut costs and scale down. San José KM3, Sec 1, Pol 1, N. 7605, 07817 Sant Jordi, Islas Baleares. Tim Dackombe on 18 Dec, 2020. They’re in a really bad position.”, Leah Timmins, director of Decadance Agency, has 38 dancers on her books who appear at the major clubs on the island. But a huge question mark hangs over them all, with the clubs beginning to cancel their summer seasons due to coronavirus. “Certainly all the major clubs have come to that conclusion, with a few exceptions where people are still thinking they’re going to experience a miracle and defy the world.”. Remember to visit our Corona Virus thread in the Forums, which is updated with more info on a daily basis, including party and travel news. Connaître les restrictions en matière de voyages . 7 juillet 2020. But the plan is reliant on people adhering to guidelines and preventing a second outbreak, not going to nightclubs. Pacha hosted a virtual house party with a promise to “#seeyousoon”; their latest social media post stating, “After this moment’s respite, Pacha and Ibiza will look even more beautiful.” DC-10 have cancelled their opening party and said they are currently unable to confirm any future dates at the club. The important regulations to consider are: It has also been announced that there will be no direct air routes to Ibiza from foreign destinations this winter. par martine a. We are a member of the PIMEEF - the small business association of Ibiza and Formentera. Spain holidays: Mallorca and Ibiza toughen coronavirus rules SPAIN holidays officially remain off the cards for British tourists as the UK government continues to warn against non-essential travel. So far Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa, Amnesia and Eden have all cancelled their May calendar. Travel between the autonomous regions has been restricted, and each region can decide whether to allow movement between neighbours. This means they’re not eligible for government assistance. They’re looking into opening a virtual club with the artists that they have,” she says, explaining that everyone is trying to find a way of maintaining a presence: “If you’re going to close your doors and not post anything on socials, it’s counterproductive.” IMS, the conference that signals the start of the season, is duly going online at the end of May. Coronavirus / Covid 19 live : suivez les dernières avancées concernant la propagation du Coronavirus en France et à travers le monde Ibiza : tourisme ... 11 juillet 2020. par Sabrinamsl Ibiza Ibiza coronavirus. “You’ll see 15 bars along the same street as one of the main clubs, places that only open in the summer and stay afloat because people stop there for a drink on the way to a club. Dans deux cantons de Catalogne et de Galice, les autorités régionales ont ordonné des reconfinements afin de limiter la propagation du Covid-19 après la … Pour les réservations effectuées à partir du 6 avril 2020, nous vous conseillons de prendre en compte les risques liés au coronavirus (COVID-19) ainsi que les mesures mises en place par les différents gouvernements. They’ll come and spend about €300,000 in a week and that one job covers him for the year,” he says. Au 7 juillet, 168 810 cas confirmés de Covid-19 étaient confirmés. Nous vous aidons à les résoudre, pour vous permettre de partir en toute sérénité et de gérer facilement vos réservations avec nous. L’Afrique comptait 770 300 cas de coronavirus confirmés au 20 juillet. Si vous ne réservez pas un tarif flexible, il est possible que vous ne puissiez pas prétendre à un remboursement.