This is one of few real time films -meaning the flow of events matches the duration of the film- that is quite successful in keeping the viewer's attention all along, and Jodie Foster is very efficient as a director presenting what seems initially a daunting technical subject (how a computer "glitch" causes an 800 Million Dollar loss to shareholders in a public traded company) as a dramatic thriller that never looses pace. Gates is a showman, like a Liberace, but without substance. T. On aime un peu. It cheated me - not Kyle. Or does it go even deeper than that and in fact involves shady business dealings with the actual companies themselves, who may have more stake and more involved in a company's win, or loss than you might expect? pompom. Movie . Money Monster looks fantastic because, hey Jodie Foster directed it and she was great in Silence of the Lambs, and, well you get the point. The direction is assured, acting is superb and production values are excellent. One of the best times at the films so far this year and I look forward to seeing more of Foster as a director and hope Clooney and cast continue to shine in other films because they are all on the top of their game here. I also liked seeing all the character actors that I've enjoyed on television shows (Breaking Bad, Blue Bloods to name two) as part of the police department officers. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The script is an asset, too. She has chosen well her cast. Money Monster is your typical hostage thriller with a predictable ending, but the surprising twists keep you guessing and at the edge of your seat. Money Monster features George Clooney as one those loud obnoxious Finance TV hosts. It's not the chemistry she had with Hugh Grant in 'Notting Hill', though. funny video Naat. Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune. Money monster DVD Jodie Foster, réalisatrice, fait forte impression avec un thriller réaliste sur la télévision et la finance. host of the show called Money Monster, in which he helps people make and save money, is suddenly having a dog day afternoon when he and his studio is taken hostage by Kyle(Jack O'Connell) cause he went broke over bad advice he took from the show. Time to find another villain! Entertaining if elementary take on the financial crisis. Now, it is up to Lee Gates & Patty Fenn, to comply with Kyle Budwell's … It is not to see his Lee Gates has much in common with that windbag Jim Cramer, who is still talking up buys and sells on NBC. Money Monster - Official International Trailer [HD, 720p] NoPopCorn. All the years I spent watching Jim Cramer and his bombastic yet highly entertaining financial advice show, Mad Money (which I think George Clooney's character, Lee Gates and his financial show in the film entitled, Money Monster is clearly a satirical stab at), I always wondered while I watched Cramer give advice on certain stocks, or even recommending some as a must buy, or a do not sell, or do not buy, I always wondered whether anyone was really out anything by listening to Cramer and his advice. Movies and the media should be cautious about coming close to justifying violent reactions, especially as copycat behavior has been proved. Official Sites User Ratings Can't understand why it's only got a rating of 6.8 on IMDb. Don't feel for any of the characters. The one dimensional evil CEO thing has been done to death. Money Monster failed to place me in a suspenseful grip. Money Monster is an undeniably taut and thrilling film, moving along at a sharp pace that keeps audiences engaged enough to glance over the issues with theme and the message of the film. Lee Gates(George Clooney) an over the top T.V. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … The premise sees a host of a financial expert show get held by gunpoint by an investor with a grudge. George is too George Clooney acting as this financial guru - not convincing. She should be encouraged to making more and better films. Here, it's fitting to recall Enron. Jump to: Spoilers (3) For scheduling reasons, Julia Roberts and George Clooney worked together very little in this film. Also we need a script that has a plausible yet fascinating beginning, middle and final act with just the right amount of things to thrill the audience, keep us guessing and wanting to see what happens at the end and also a certain message to drive home to the viewers to leave some food for thought after you have left the theatre and to truly keep the film fresh in your mind. I loved Kyle's girl friend's response to the situation he was in, and it wasn't at all what I expected, but was filled with honesty and emotion. Hectic and unconvincing and self righteous, Clooney still has it, movie isn't' up to him. LEGO DC: Shazam! FAQ Voir Money Monster Complet Film Gratuit Solarmovie. And then all hell breaks loose. Clooney and Roberts clearly enjoy working together (just don't remind me of Ocean's 12). I was a little disappointed that the character Camby didn't get more of a punishment for what he did (which of course is just like the banks and mortgage companies getting away with what they did). The pace is frantic and various characters and subplots are introduced organically. Recruited by a secret society of babysitters, a high schooler battles the Boogeyman and his monsters when they nab the boy she’s watching on Halloween. This type of a film needs three main things to keep it's momentum and audience interested and that is truly capable actors who can handle the material they are given, but also who fascinate us as viewers and want us to keep watching them and see where and what happens to their characters. The film has great and sharp dialogue and not just one dimensional characters, but very interesting characters who are great pawns in this giant chess game of a film. Who gave the George's character the right to act so self righteous at the end. Nice to see Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad as a cop. Cable financial guru Lee Gates (George Clooney) is in the midst of airing the latest edition of his show, "Money Monster." Money monster (2016) imdb photo gallery The cast is a harvest of good actors: Giancarlo Espito, the versatile Dominic West, Caitrionia Balfe, Christopher Denham and Aaron Yoo, to name a few of the fine actors. The opening scenes set in a television studio seem authentic on a very detailed level. "Money Monster" begins brilliantly. For a George Clooney film, this should have been a lot better. He still gave advice carelessly. She apparently let these big name stars do what they wanted to do. Even more so than Camby and certainly not Kyle (he's just a whiny "Never been told I'm wrong" Y-Gen loser) Gates is a ring master at a freak show. TV Shows . Money Monster (2016) Parents Guide Add to guide . Unfortunately, Money Monster, though perfectly competent, is one of those movies that promises more than it delivers. However, the film spends a decent amount of its time focused on events outside the tense situation and it just doesn't feel as important or thrilling especially as the characters just aren't as interesting. Certes, le fond de Money Monster se défend allègrement, mais d’un point de vue purement cinéma, les mécaniques sont faibles. 9:08. … It's a common theme in films that Wall Street is largely corrupt. That is one of the film's really strong points which is the acting, whether it be from pros such as Clooney, or Julia Roberts to newcomer Jack O'Connell, all deliver exceptional performances and really keep the film going. The premise of this movie could have been a lot better thought out and a lot more logical or realistic. Movies. It's a satire of both our eagerness to lap up whatever gibberish were told as long as it promises to make us money, and our morbid fascination with watching live streams of death and destruction in the era of information. But it soon deteriorated. Menu. Metacritic Reviews. The direction also has to know how to keep the scenes in question lively and fast paced, but also allowing us in it's brief running time to have a certain connectedness to it's protagonists and make us believe in what is happening and also exciting and giving us reason to be angry at what is going on not only in the film, but in real life as well. Release Dates Money Monster 2016 Imdb. Edit. Foster's direction, aided by cinematographer Matthew Libatique's sharp, clean light, is the most fluid and well-considered of her career. George Clooney plays the obnoxious Lee Gates, who is the host of Money Monster and Clooney as in typical fashion, is really good at playing suave, somewhat sophisticated and arrogant characters such as Gates and here he is totally believable in the performance and does a great job. The movie is well scripted and well acted. The ostentatious hedge fund guys wearing 1000$ suits, traveling in their G-5s and at the same time fooling the public and robbing their money by employing "High Frequency Trading". | waste of money and actors time..AND MINE. This seems like a low budget 70s T.V movie. Julia Roberts and George Clooney were both very good. Money Monster tells the story of a TV show host named, Lee Gates(George Clooney). Filming & Production Mr. O'Connell emoted a bit too much. Synopsis : Lee Gates est une personnalité I thought he was terrific in THE PERFECT STORM, said he should have won the Oscar for MICHAEL CLAYTON and was glad to float around space with him and Sandra Bullock in GRAVITY. (For elephants with longer memory, yes, the same Jim Cramer who went on TV urging his viewers to buy Bear Stearns within a week or so before it failed.) Are they the ones who should handle the blame and take on the responsibility of those who are out nearly everything buying, or selling one of their stocks? The story is SO VERY familiar , so many similar stories have been done before, often as a success, this is far from that.SO not one to remember fondly. Furthermore, like Toto in 'The Wizard of Oz', it exposes the fraud committed and continues to be committed by investment banks and hedge funds. And many of these films mesh together to become indistinguishable from each other. All the other supporting characters do a decent but unspectacular job in their roles. 63. Miss Roberts was one dimensional. But many parts of the plot are a stretch: lack of security at a major financial news network and police restraint. Are they to blame? Now, it is up to Lee Gates & Patty Fenn, to comply with Kyle Budwell's demands or, it is dire consequences for everyone involved with the TV show, Money Monster. The real bad guy was of course - Gates. 1:06. IMDb 5.3 2020. | Money Monster looks fantastic because, hey Jodie Foster directed it and she was great in Silence of the Lambs, and, well you get the point. I think it is important to watch this film to know how much George Clooney struggles to dance. | A blue collar worker invests every cent they have based on a stock that was highly recommended on said program only to have it go belly up and end up losing everything in the process. It also has some fun humour in the film that surprisingly works for the film. Even Miss Foster may be partially forgiven as the script was terrible. The causes of the global financial crisis of 2008-2010 and the mechanisms that speculators use are complicated and thus not easily packaged into a 90-minute movie. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, makeup artist: Ms. Roberts (as Jean A. A man who lost money from a bad stock tip goes after the TV financial adviser (similar to Mad Money's Jim Cramer) whose flamboyant show talked up the shares of a company that crashed. I watched the movie in the background. Very entertaining movie, fun for a weekend afternoon. This May, Follow the Money with George Clooney & Julia for … | Menu. The first act offers every assurance this will be a compelling drama, if not an instant classic. Magic and Monsters. He's a good salesman, not a likable man, but he is at the pinnacle of his success. It also features Julia Roberts as the shows director. Until it becomes a mixed-bag liability. (55/100) 0 of 0 users found this helpful 0 0. It is filled with good thoughts and questions that need to be asked and will rally any individual who has ever been questioned, or burned, or just plain angry about the things mentioned earlier in the review. | In Money Monster, George Clooney plays a TV presenter who is taken hostage live on camera by a desperate young man played by the brilliant Jack O'Connell. "Money Monster" adopte un rythme alerte et multiplie les rebondissements et les péripéties interdisant le moindre ennui. Gates, his producer Patty Fenn(Julia Roberts) & the crew of the TV show, Money Monster, are in for an unpleasant surprise, when an enraged & dangerous investor named Kyle Budwell(Jack O'Connell), enters the TV studio. Character actions and motivations were often just outright implausible. The three key players are all strong additions and their chemistry and communication helps audience's care for them (more than the first 15 minutes would have you believe, at least). Considering this is a pretty intense movie about a desperate guy threatening to shoot and blow up people, this movie had moments of unexpected humour. However, when an angry investor played by Jack O'Connell, breaks into the studio and holds George Clooney hostage till he gets some answers, George Clooney has to do anything he can to stay alive. Le film est présenté hors compétition au Festival de Cannes 2016. Regarder Money Monster Complet Gratuit Film 720p. Etats-Unis Réalisé par Jodie Foster 1h35 avec George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell. Director must of been on holiday while filming as got nothing out of story or actors, so nothing to give us the fans. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. 2:30. I went in to the movie expecting to be entertained, and I wasn't disappointed. Producer- actor George Clooney is known for his anti-establishment movies, and ones such as "Ides of March" are excellent. She bright, spunky and knows how to keep Gates on message. You see the anger pouring out of him because of one bad decision he made but you feel sorry for him because he is human and everybody makes mistakes and even though he is probably doing the wrong thing you kind of understand why he is doing it. However, the pacing is a little off with the other plot lines where you end up not caring about a quarter of the movie. MONEY MONSTER Bande Annonce VF (George Clooney) CinesActu. Which was very cleverly done by director, Jodie Foster. This movie is about Wall Street. Money Monster on vuonna 2016 ensi-iltansa saanut yhdysvaltalainen jännityselokuva, jonka on ohjannut Jodie Foster. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. TV Shows . Money Monster. I did not feel for the characters at all; as in I didn’t feel sorry for anyone nor did I want anyone to be punished for whatever bad thing they may have done. But is it maybe due to the ridiculously large ad campaign or because it says things that the others don't? As soon as the NYPD allowed the girlfriend to go on TV only to call him stupid, dumb, etc. Dramatic, with a little humor, a perfect combination. Part of the appeal of this sort of a movie is to see the REAL bad guy get his comeuppance. Apr 9, 2017 - In the real-time, high stakes thriller Money Monster, George Clooney and Julia Roberts star as financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty, who are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor who has lost everything (Jack O’Connell) forcefully takes over their studio. 1:10. The corrupt banker's investment is in the same sector as in "Arbitrage". A bomb is put on Lee, with the help of his producer(Julia Roberts), we wonder if Lee will get out of this alive? There is something too much about the self righteousness that the people demonstrate. Mr. Clooney's acting was extremely uneven, ranging from cavalier to scared senseless to domineering--all in relatively short order and all unbelievable. Jack o connell plays kyle the antagonist in the film and he is probably the most surprising performance because he is fantastic in this film. Gates, his producer Patty Fenn(Julia Roberts) & the crew of the TV show, Money Monster, are in for an unpleasant surprise, when an enraged & dangerous investor named Kyle Budwell(Jack O'Connell), enters the TV studio. The movie sounded good upon description and even began in an enticing, if somewhat smart-mouthed, way. were all totally so unbelievable, so limp. Money Monster was really suspenseful but it wasn't that great either. Money Monster. There is chemistry between George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Toutes les informations sur Money Monster, film réalisé par Jodie Foster avec George Clooney et Julia Roberts sorti en 2016. I agree with the other reviewer who said the movie should have just stopped with the return to the foosball table, and not gone for the schmaltzy hospital scene. 2:30. He knows how to read and give an oomph to the shopworn script a company gives him to hawk its stock. And even then, were it not for Fenn, resourceful and forceful, as she whispers the magic words exposing the scam on the public by a powerful corporation through an ear piece, does Gates get an up-to-speed course on algorithms and the geopolitical scheming of the giant multinational corporations. Un scandale éclate quand le présentateur d'une émission d'investigation est pris en otage en direct à la TV par un homme qui a … It is intelligent, entertaining, hardly maudlin, but like TV, it is part of the news cycle and we know at the end the moral of the story is fleetingly learned until the next big scoop. Money Monster may feel different. Roberts plays Patty Fenn his producer. He is his usual charismatic self in this film but there is also depth to him in this film as he tries to live and tries to truly find out what is going on. But who is to blame? What if a situation like what happens in Money Monster, were to really happen? George Clooney kinda looked like he didn't want this role and the film had a twist, which I thought wasn't that great. Jack O'Connor from Unbroken is a bit out of place looks to much from across the pond. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by … ’The Big Short’ var. (They must have been signed for a small fortune.) Did anyone ever listen to one of his stock tips that ended up being devastatingly wrong and perhaps lost a lot of money, or maybe even more collateral than that listening to his advice on a risky stock tip? , no drama, no emotion , no anything. Movies. 60. Julia Roberts looks tired rather than concerned or anxious as she ought to be. Globalization has many discontents. Money Monster (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Money Monster Trailer 1 (2016) George Clooney, Julia Roberts Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer] These questions and more is what the new film, Money Monster tries to answer in what is a very captivating, thrilling and entertaining 98 minutes of a movie. What say is a 'punt'? Money Monster (2016) Trivia. I loved his screen "coming out party" OUT OF SIGHT (an under-rated gem, check it out). Mar 11, 2018 - Directed by Jodie Foster. Especially lately. And on the technical side, we see how a TV program is shot, using the camera in the same way Forster did--long shots, zooms, wide lens, so on and on. You can't help but will the film to take more risks and step outside of conventions and formulas, but it is interesting enough to glance over these issues. Directed by Jodie Foster, "Money Monster" rehashes the cliché film dramatization of Wall Street fraud and the commonplace Americans who are the big losers in a tycoon's greed. Or perhaps the station and the people who put the program on the air? The whole cinema was laughing at various points. Who asked him to put all his eggs in one basket? Sortie le 12 mai 2016. We've seen it played out countless times. QAnon. I did not feel for the characters at all; as in I didn’t feel sorry for anyone nor did I want anyone to be punished for whatever bad thing they may have done. JyroJyro Aug 25, 2017. MM will make money and it should. However, I have been disappointed in him lately from 2014's MONUMENTS MEN to 2015's TOMORROWLAND to the worst movie of 2016 HAIL, CAESAR, I began to wonder if he was "losing it". Elokuvan pääosissa näyttelevät George Clooney , Julia Roberts , Jack O’Connell , Dominic West , Caitriona Balfe ja Giancarlo Esposito . Overall this is a great film that if your a fan of thrillers you owe yourself to see. MPAA: Rated R for language throughout, some sexuality and brief violence. And then into this cozy formulaic format comes the talented Jack O'Connell, who plays Kyle Budwell and comes on the TV set upsetting this incestuous love fest of the media and companies listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ: each teasing he hard earned money from purses of the small investor and the hard working who look to make a mean life more comfortable. Less than 24 hours earlier, IBIS Global Capital's stock inexplicably cratered due to a glitch in a trading algorithm, costing investors $800 million. Money Monster stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts in lead roles and is directed by Jodie Foster. Kyle barges into the studio, armed with a gun. Yes, at the end of each Mad Money program, or really any financial program, there is always a disclaimer at the end of these shows telling the viewers to consult a professional financial accountant, or broker before making any rash decisions regarding your funds and investments and in a sense the shows in question tried to take no responsibility if someone ever was to lose a lot because of these programs and their hosts on the air. Money Monster with Julia Roberts - Official Trailer. Anyone with any common sense as far as the police handling a live hostage situation. The film has a strong message and will leave you thinking about it's message, but will keep you riveted while doing so. I think we can all understandably say we would be furious and looking for someone to blame after everything was gone. The decadence of Wall Street and reality TV show meets game show of the Money Monster is atrocious. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I loved the plot twists, and was sad that the inevitable happened. Intense and exciting, Money Monster is a controversial and provocative political thriller. Derfor bliver ’Money Monster’ ikke helt den autentiske øjenåbner som f.eks. | Showing all 10 items. I loved the character Kyle, and I think many of the movie's audience are going to be sympathetic to him, given the state of the economy since 2008 (I know it's getting better, but it's been a slow recovery.) The whole movie gave a sense of a cheap, quickly done production more suited to the TV screen than to the theater. George clooney plays the host lee gates and does a great job in this film. Thrilling hostage drama with excellent cast but themes not pushed far enough, A great film that says allot about society, An intelligent film that will connect the dots for those who couldn't follow the story line of 'The Big Short'. Wall Streets fat cats are the target of Jodie Foster's real-time thriller Money Monster, as a live broadcast of a tacky but successful financial advice show is turned into edge-of-the-seat entertainment by those watching. Showing the people who were watching the live hostage situation from all over the world was a great addition, and of course returning to the Foosball game was exactly what would happen. Her turde instruktør Adam McKay og manuskriptforfatterne at gå hele vejen og følge historien til dørs og – igen ved hjælp af humor – vise os hvem monsteret er. Julia Roberts plays the director in his ear who is trying to calm the situation down and she does a great job too because you learn allot about her character from this situation that she has been put in and her chemistry with clooney is really good especially since they don't actually share allot of screen time.